Hot Female Friend Needs Anal Sex Practice

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You’re best friends with sexy teen Sophia Grace and the two of you have arranged to spend the day hiking together. But before you even get chance to head outside, Sophia confesses that’s she’s agreed to have anal sex with her boyfriend that night for the very first time. The problem is that this hot babe told her man that’s she’s had it in her ass many times before and can take it like a pro.

So with the two of you being good friends, she asks you to help get her prepared and loosened up with a little anal sex practice. You of course tell her to go take a hike! Just kidding. If getting your dick out and fucking this 19-year-old Latina in the ass is what you gotta do to help out, then that’s just what you’re gonna do! You can fill all of Sophia Grace’s holes right now in the full length 58 minute version of this virtual reality porn video at Wankz VR.

Actors: Sophia Grace